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» Thin Wall Titanium Tubes, Titanrohre, Tube de Titane

Titanex offers mainly seamless Titanium Tubes. Most attractive are the CP Grade 1 or 2 Tubes as well as the cold rolled seamless Titanium Grade 9 Ti3Al2.5V. Beside some limited offers from stock Your tube is made to order starting with 30 m minimum order quantity.

  • Titanium 3Al 2.5V (Grade 9) acc. ASTM B 338 / AMS 4943
  • Titanium CP Grade 2 acc. ASTM B 338
  • Ti Grade 7, Grade 12
  • OD down to 0.8 mm possible

Download the general Titanium Tube Stock List. Aside standard sizes You can order with Titanex tight tolerances, special surface requirements and more!

» Seamless Titanium Pipes Ti6Al4V Grade 5 (heavy wall, dickwandige Titanrohre)

Seamless Hot Rolled Titanium Pipe Grade 5 Ti6Al4VSeamless Titanium Pipes in Grade 5 need to be hot rolled. This is a High End product and very difficult to do. Titanex offers these Pipes made to ASTM B 861 and made to AMS 4942. Since this is a very special product to do it has some minimal requirements to process.

  • Titanium Pipe, thick wall pipesOuter Diameter: 10 mm to 305 mm (updated 2022)
  • Wall thickness min 10% of OD
  • Alloys: Grade 5, Ti6-6-2, Ti6-2-4-6, Ti Beta C

Tight tolerances, great surface and order quantities starting usually from 60 - 100 m per size!

» Tubes and Pipes for medical

Relevant medical spec for Titanium is ASTM F 136. This specification is applicable for

  • Strip — Any product under 0.1875 in. (4.75 mm) in thickness and under 24 in. (610 mm) wide.
  • Sheet — Any product under 0.1875 in. (4.75 mm) in thickness and 24 in. (610 mm) or more in width.
  • Plate — Any product 0.1875 in. (4.75 mm) thick and over and 10 in. (254 mm) wide and over, with widths greater than five times thickness. Plate up to 4.00 in. (101.60 mm), thick inclusive is covered by this specification.
  • Bar — Round bars and flats from 0.1875 in. (4.75 mm) to 4.00 in. (101.60 mm) in diameter or thickness (other sizes and shapes by special order).
  • Forging Bar — Bar as described in 4.4, used for production of forgings, may be furnished in the hot rolled condition.
  • Wire — Rounds less than 0.1875 in. (4.75 mm) in diameter.

As shown - ASTM F 136 does NOT mention nor include Tubes and Pipes.

While we find in ASTM F 67: 3.1.8 Other—Other forms and shapes, including tubing, may be provided by agreement between purchaser and supplier.


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