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» Titanium Wires and Bars

No matter what Size You require. All Wires and Bars are quickly made to order. You save weight and time in machining!
Quantities - mainly for the medical application - starting at less than 1 Kg could be obtained in a large variety of different Alloys. Lead time for any sizes and materials is about 2 - 6 weeks After Receipt of Order!

Titanium Round Wire dia. 0.035 mm

» Titanium Springs (Federn)

Made of Ti6Al4V ELi, Grade 5, Titanium Grade 19 Beta C and others Springs are made to order.
Below sample is an Implant Holder Spring made from Ti6Al4V ELi dia 0.6 mm.

Titanium Medical Spring Dia 0.6 mm

» Implant Profiles

Titanium Profile for implantable Bone Plates made in ASTM F 67 Grade 2 or Grade 4 to order. Short delivery times for Grade 2. Send us Your drawing. We most probabely do have the toolings in stock and can start rolling right away.

Titanium Profile Implant ASTM F 67 Grade 2 Grade 4

» Surface Finish

In most medical applications, surface finish is critical to the wire's performance. Titanex offers on request wires drawn by diamond dies in oil based lubricants. Superior surface finish and more consistent dimensional stability, mechanical properties and cleanliness.

» Titanium Flat Wire

Rolled Flat Wire and Drawn Flat Wires custom made.

» Titanium Cables

Titanium Cables and Strands supplied a wide variety. According to medical or industrial specifications. In Commercial Pure Titanium or in Titanium Alloy (ti6Al4V ELI). Hard or Soft Temper.

» Titanium Welding Wire

A wide range of Grades is available. Usually made to order within 2 weeks plus transportation. Welding wires offered in Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 16.

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